Monday, 16 November 2009

Jamie Afro - X-Factor depressed and demoralised me.

Jamie Archer aka Jamie Afro has said he found his experience on the X-Factor "depressing" and "demoralising".

Speaking after he was voted of the show yesterday, Jamie said: "It was really demoralising for me, because it made me feel like 'Is it me? Am I being difficult? No-one knows what to do with me - maybe there just aren't any songs?' but I just got on with it really."

He denied reports that he had planned to walk of the show but admitted his relationship with Simon Cowell, his mentor on the show, occasionally came to boiling point.

"I didn't say I was leaving, I just said 'Maybe it's the wrong show for me'. It was after we did Unchained Melody and we tried it, and I had to change my song last minute.

"I said at this point 'Maybe this show isn't really the right show for me because we keep having to change my song, which means we quite clearly don't know what to do with me'."

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